Nicole the Math Lady Review

Nicole the Math Lady is a math curriculum that delivers on-demand video lessons to students of grades three to twelve.

It uses Saxon Math as its foundation.

Students can watch videos of each lesson and enter their answers directly into a self-grading platform.

Students can also access tutorials and masterclasses to get help with math questions and help improve their scores.

Nicole the Math Lady is an engaging math teacher

Nicole the Math Lady has a series of online math videos that help your child learn math facts.

These short videos are easy to understand and contain simple examples that make math concepts clear.

Even if you’re not an experienced math teacher, you can use these videos as a resource to help your child learn the basics.

Nicole’s videos are short, ranging from two to five minutes long.

They include a short joke break, a silly tongue twister, and practice problems that students can work out.

Her instructional videos are designed to follow a general Saxon textbook sequence.

The videos include step-by-step explanations and practice problems that are easy to follow.

Nicole the Math Lady’s subscription plans vary in cost, but each plan includes a private Facebook group and automatic correction and grading.

You can even add more students for an additional $10 per month.

If you’re teaching more than one child, consider the family plan for a lower cost per student.

Nicole the Math Lady offers both common core and non-common core aligned math curriculums.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional math curriculum, or one that incorporates the latest technology, Nicole the Math Lady will help you teach your child with ease.

Her videos are designed to be short and simple to follow and don’t require much attention from your child.

Nicole the Math Lady’s lessons are not only fun and engaging but also very effective.

Students who use her lessons report that math is easier and they have made deep gains on formal tests.

Additionally, students can watch her lessons anytime on their schedule.

The videos also offer automated online grading, which frees up your time to teach other subjects.

Her program is available as a free trial

Nicole the Math Lady is a video tutorial that will help your child learn basic math facts.

The videos are short, between two and five minutes, and are filled with fun jokes and tongue twisters.

You’ll find it easy to follow along, and Nicole’s real-life examples are easy to understand.

If you’d like to try it out, simply sign up for a free trial to see if the program is for you.

There are two membership plans, with single-grade costs starting at $49 for a month, and multi-grade plans starting at $79 per year.

The subscription includes unlimited math lessons and math practice videos.

You can also download the videos for reference purposes.

However, you should make sure to choose a subscription option that covers the number of grades you need to cover.

Nicole the Math Lady also offers grading services online.

The app supports several textbooks, and it is currently working on adding more.

It also has a Study Hall section that offers one-minute tutorials and masterclasses.

Another feature is a class chat feature.

Nicole the Math Lady is a great option for parents looking for a high-quality math curriculum.

The program’s online grading services and engaging teaching videos make learning mathematics fun.

The program also automates the grading process and includes techniques that help students remember concepts.

Nicole the Math Lady offers a free trial and a few monthly subscription plans.

The Basic plan is for beginners, while the Pro plan is for students who want to master more complicated math.

You can easily add more students for $10 more per month, and the service also offers family plans.

Saxon’s online grading system

Nicole the Math Lady is an online math course that provides video-based instruction and grading services for students.

Using the Saxon math curriculum, she turns math lessons into fun, interactive, and enjoyable experiences.

The videos are made with a friendly and encouraging attitude, and Nicole has included many helpful tips and techniques for students to remember concepts.

She is also a helpful resource for parents who are trying to find the best way to teach math to their children.

Nicole’s videos cover nearly all topics in the Saxon textbook. However, she doesn’t offer hands-on projects or investigations.

While Nicole is a great resource for supplementary teaching, parents must remain involved to ensure their children’s success.

Luckily, she offers free online support, including one-minute tutorials and 30-minute masterclasses.

The online grading system for Nicole the Math Lady is easy to use.

Students enter their answers to their assignments, which are automatically graded through the program.

The online grading system also has social links and videos for students to use.

Students can also get additional help by logging in to her masterclasses and tutorials to answer questions or get additional tips on a particular lesson.

Saxon’s online grading system is a great way to keep track of student progress in the classroom.

Nicole’s video lessons are fun to watch, and her explanations of math concepts are thorough and easy to understand.

Online grading makes administering Saxon tests and practice problems much easier.

Although Saxon Math is an older program, it has gone through only a few revisions.

Some families still use the 3rd edition, while others prefer to use Saxon Intermediate.

Nicole the Math Lady uses the 3rd edition of Saxon for her program.

For most levels, the third edition is the most current.

Hence, it is the most common textbook that is available in stores.

Cost of Saxon Math courses besides Nicole the Math Lady

If you want to save money while homeschooling your child, you may want to consider one of the many Saxon Math courses available.

One such program is Nicole the Math Lady, which turns Saxon Math lessons into digital courses.

While this program will require your child to spend more time in front of a screen, it will also allow you to easily track progress and give extra help when needed.

Nicole the Math Lady’s programs follow the Saxon curriculum and include on-demand videos that can be viewed anytime.

These videos cannot be downloaded, but they are available online and can be watched as many times as you want.

The videos cover various concepts and help your child build up both their knowledge and their skills.

Each video follows the Saxon methodology and is structured to address a particular concept.

Saxon math textbooks are grouped by grade level and are designed to help children build their mastery over time.

The program also comes with worksheets and student workbooks.

Parents should make sure that their child is on the right level before buying the curriculum.

Depending on the age of your child, you may want to consider buying one or more of the Saxon Math textbooks.

These can be purchased online at the Saxon website or through a local school.

The price of Saxon Math courses besides Nicole the math Lady differs depending on the number of features that the student will need.

Some are more customizable and flexible than others, so you may be able to choose the program best suited for your child.

You can even pay more for additional features if you prefer.

The online program can also be customized if you’d like to give more of a personal touch to the learning process.

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